Our Approach

“I have known and done business with Ron Greenberg for over 30 years. Ron is knowledgeable, proactive, practical and works to find that unique solution and not a cookie-cutter approach. I have never felt that he has sold KPM or me anything, but instead, Ron has provided solutions to meet our needs. The wonderful team behind Ron has always been responsive to our requests.”

Glenn Beyerl, President & CEO     KPM Exceptional, LLC

We Leverage Our Team’s
Experience And Knowledge.

Ultra High Net Worth Families have a variety of options for Investing and Estate Planning. We leverage our team and background to narrow the list of available opportunities and match sophisticated investors with some of the most tax-efficient wealth solutions.

We study a family’s entire financial footprint, focusing on tax drag and asset allocation, as these factors are the most critical in maximizing investment returns over a lifetime.

Ron Greenberg shares his take on why we do what we do; and the commitment we all make to ourselves, and our clients.

Captive agents and brokers from large banks and wirehouses have excellent brand recognition behind them but are limited to their own products. Because of this, Ultra High Net Worth families may not be given the most tax-efficient options. More importantly, these firms are often not incentivized to lower a family’s tax burden. The focus should be on what you keep, but instead, taxes are largely left unchecked. Unnecessary taxes lower investment returns over a lifetime but are hard to see without a full analysis.

We will help build your legacy by helping to ensure that taxes are minimized and your investment allocation fits your family’s needs.