Greenberg & Rapp Announces Strategic Expansion Merger with Florida’s Jones Lowry

Morristown, NJ – Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group, Inc. (Greenberg & Rapp), a leading life insurance and investment services firm, is pleased today to announce its merger with Jones Lowry, a boutique life insurance planning firm for ultra-high-net-worth clients with four Florida offices. This strategic move is part of Greenberg & Rapp’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities, expanding its geographic footprint, and providing even greater value to its clients.

Greenberg & Rapp’s merger with Jones Lowry brings together two distinguished financial planning providers, each with a rich history of delivering exceptional client service and financial capabilities. The combined entity will leverage the strengths and resources of both firms to offer an expanded range of services, innovative solutions, and enhanced financial planning strategies.

  • Expanded Resources — Jones Lowry clients will benefit from the expanded resources and capabilities of Greenberg & Rapp, allowing for a more robust and diversified approach to financial planning.


  • Enhanced Service Offerings — The combined strengths of Jones Lowry and Greenberg & Rapp will result in providing clients with access to a wider range of innovative solutions.


  • Client Continuity — Jones Lowry is committed to ensuring a seamless transition for its clients, with a focus on maintaining the high level of personalized service that has been a hallmark of the firm’s reputation.

“We are thrilled about the possibilities that this merger brings for our clients and our team,” said Patrick Maguire, Managing Partner of Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group. “By joining forces with Jones Lowry, we are better equipped to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape and provide an even more tailored approach to wealth management.”

“We are excited for this strategic alliance with Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group,” said Adam Sendzischew, Principal & CEO of Jones Lowry. “This move allows us to take our client service to new heights and provides us with diverse resources and offerings to enhance our current clients’ financial well-being.”

The integration process is already underway, with a keen focus on preserving the client-first philosophy that has defined both Greenberg & Rapp and Jones Lowry throughout their histories. Clients of Jones Lowry and their professional advisors can expect and continue to receive the same high level of dedication and service from their trusted financial advisors.

About Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group
Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group is a leading financial services firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals through comprehensive planning and wealth management. With a commitment to integrity, transparency, and personalized service, the firm has earned a reputation for excellence in the financial industry.


About Jones Lowry
Jones Lowry is an established brand and boutique life insurance and disability insurance planning firm with four offices in Florida serving ultra-high net worth clients, family offices, C-Suite Executives, Athletes and Entertainers.

Ron Greenberg

Founding Partner


Tom Rapp

Founding Partner


Patrick Maguire

Managing Partner


Marshall Jones



Adam Sendzischew

Principal & CEO